Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Weird car spotted on the road...
I was driving near Coventry today on the way to take an old friend out to lunch when I saw the strangest thing in my rear-view mirror gaining on me at speed (and since I was doing 80, it was really at speed). I pulled back into the left lane to let it overtake and found myself looking at what looked like a weird mix of old-style Jaguar XJ6/12 and modern Jag S-type, festooned in red and black vinyl tape.

It took me a second to remember that I was near the Jaguar factory and that this was in fact a test car, it's styling cues disguised from the public view by heavy black shrouding.

What has this to do with A&A?

Well it dawned on me that being a cobbled-together mix of different cars with black tape hiding the gaps where the panels don't meet that this was the closest thing I have seen to an A&A car on the road!

Monday, October 21, 2002

A chap calling himself Pixel (I assume it's a pseudonym although there is a small chance that his mother did indeed christen him Picture Element) just emailed me with a URL to the Axles and Alloys part of his site. It's rather good. Check out and while you are there go and have a look at the photos he has taken of the US Art Car scene.

On other matters I played Burnout 2 on the PS2 last week although I dunno... didn't strike me as being as good as the original. Not enough traffic, handling is too easy, it all seems to have turned into another identi-kit racing game. I'm not sure I will buy this unless I see it cheap second-hand.