Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Minor Rules Changes, Pearlescent Nail Varnish, More Slot Car Racing

Based on a whim I attempted to paint a car last weekend using a bottle of pearlescent white nail varnish. I've seen a white XR3i in my neighbourhood with such a paint finish and I thought nail polish might be the way to go to produce such an effect in miniature.

Now I once wore painted nails in public(*) for a party that had a 'silver colour' theme (clothes - black shirt and trousers, nails silver) and I forgot just how fast nail polish dries. The colour I tried on the test car advertised itself as drying in one minute which seemed, on a warm May afternoon, to be a gross overestimate. This made working with the colour once it was on the car very tricky.

I think my problem is that I didn't find something to thin it with - which also ruined a perfectly good size 0 brush. The jury is still out on whether this nail polish technique is worth bothering with. Still, my nails looked absolutely divine when I went out on the town later. :)

I ran a couple of A&A games at the Stourbridge show last weekend. I've been coming around the realisation that dropped weapons in A&A are, not to put too fine a point on it, crap. I generally only play the arena rules these days and seasoned A&A gamers tend not to pick mine or oil droppers in favour of ramming spars.

To lethal things up a bit I amended the rules so that each dropper now carries three shots and if you want to you can drop more than one 'payload' in a turn, just laying the requsite number of counters down next to one another. Bearing in mind that I was using the huge "Neo Car Wars" oilslick counters which are about 3" x 1.5" this made dropped weapons play far more of a part in the game.

So those are the rules from now on - three shots, 1,2 or 3 payloads in one go, big oil slick counters.

I've also been slot car racing again. I drove up to Chesterfield for another of Doug Passell's meetings. I did quite well actually, finished 12th out of 15th in the morning session driving a Team Penske CART Indycar in the open wheel class for Tomy SG+ cars then discovered that my Corvette (which I had painted up especially) was handling like a dog and spitting out teeth like Tyson's sparring partner which dumped me down to 15th out of 16. Not so good, but at least I won two heats with the Indycar. Once I realised that the 'Vette was stripping teeth from its gears I swopped over to a Toyota GTP but then that chassis developed a problem where a rear axle hole wore prematurely and let the axle wobble. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time between heats to really discover and fix that.

I picked up a lot of new HO slot car stuff - some more Corvettes for repainting, a couple of Camaros, another Indycar, a Plymouth Superbird NASCAR and loads more Matchbox Powertrack TR7s for conversion to Tomy chassises! You can see my first one here although the text might not make much sense - it was written for the benefit of a couple of people I was chatting to at Chesterfield about how I thought the Powertrack to Tomy conversion would work.

* - So far and in the causes of painting, modelling and wargaming I have purchased (all from busy shops) nail polish and tan coloured stockings (for camo nets) as well as books of male nudes and fetish photography for my oil painting studies! I live in resigned expectation that someone, somewhere will find a superb wargames use for panty-liners or tampons and I'll have to buy them too...