Thursday, May 16, 2002

Division 15 Car Wars

Courtesy of Spirit Games in Burton-on-Trent (probably the best mail order service in British gaming) I got the Vindicator vs Dragon Car Wars set last night. These are Div 15 cars so are built to a points budget three times that of the Division 5 cars we used on our Car Wars gaming night a couple of weeks ago.

Disappointingly the car templates fail yet again to conform to the 3" x 1.5" footprint that has been the standard amongst 3x gamers since year dot. I fail to understand why SJ Games didn't just adopt that size as standard - I know I have and I suspect many other players are doing the same.

As might be expected Div 15 cars are better armoured and more guns. I'm not sure if Div 15 games will be more or less deadly than Div 5 - I need to play it to see if the extra weaponry is sufficient to compensate for the bigger and better armoured cars.

Monday, May 13, 2002

Car Wars Revisited, 1:64 TR7s

Chris J has explained to me how the older Car Wars handled (for want of a better word) the whole Handling Class system. In Old Car Wars the car's original Handling Class was added to the current Handling State at the start of the turn, not reset to zero. This seems a much better solution and I'd like to replay New Car Wars using this method.

Furthermore it turns out that the Div 5 cars don't really give a feel for what Car Wars is. Once you get up to the giddy heights of Div 15 and beyond cars are more resistant to ramming and have far more internal components, in effect adding a second 'skin' of armour inside the plastic outer armour. Hopefully this should address the problem I reported of cars being intact until armour penetrated and then dropping dead like flies.

I'd like to play it again, but I think we'll wait until the Div 15 sets are released.

I acquired two 1:64ish scale TR7s yesterday, the Corgi Juniors TR7 and the Matchbox Powertrack one. Unfortunately I now can't bear to chop up the Corgi car and the Powertrack one (which comes from Matchboxes short-lived range of HO slot cars which flopped as they decided not to make them compatible with Tyco and AFX) is lined up to be converted to fit onto a modern AFX chassis. So I now need a really tatty Corgi Juniors 7 for A&A! Anybody got one?

I got them from the Toy Collectors Fair and Autojumble at a classic car show held in West Bromwich park. One of the reasons I went was to suss out conversion material for A&A and CW but unfortunately the dealers only really dealt in cars of some value. The tattier 1:64 diecasts were all around the £1 mark which is approximately 1 penny dearer than brand new ones so I didn't buy much more than the two TR7s and a couple of Tyco Formula Ones.

I got back home in time for the end of the Austrian Grand Prix which was a disgraceful sham as you will no doubt have read elsewhere. I'd lost interest in the whole F1 thing in the last few years and kept switching on ITV on a Sunday afternoon in a sort of "just in case this one might be good and rekindle my interest" approach. However that sort of cynical stage management means that I won't be watching F1 again, probably ever. Ferrari should be ashamed and their sponsors should question whether some extra TV exposure is worth being associated with that kind of bad publicity.

Rant Over!

'Till next time...