Tuesday, February 05, 2002

I had a play with repainting cars in a 'race livery' style the other day. This was an experiment to see if I could use the decoupage technique to decorate cars, mainly for 'sponsored' arena cars and HO slotcars.

I took a HW Blown Camaro (the 'before' car that accompanies the converted one on Gallery II), dullcoted it and then painted it in a fetching two-tone colour scheme of carnation pink with a ultramarine rear section. Tasteful! Once dry I then scoured some car and computer magazines for small logos and some race numbers and attached them to the car with decoupage.

Decoupage is an old Victorian handycraft whereby people would produce craft items by laminating newspaper cuttings under layers of varnish. Once covered in a few coats of varnish, the fragile loose edgings of the cuttings become sealed and not prone to lifting up and fraying.

To do this on an Axles and Alloys car, I painted the area in a thin coat of acrylic varnish and pushed the cutting in, brushing some over the edges. Once finished, the car is then sprayed with gloss automotive lacquer, although as my spraycan of this has gone missing I haven't done this yet.

It works quite well - once under even just one layer of gloss varnish (I resorted to brush varnishing, brushmarks and all, as this was only an experimental piece) the extra height of the paper used isn't really visible and should disappear totally under two or three coats. The only trouble I found was in finding logos small enough and in pairs in order to do the flanks of the car. My Camaro is now sponsored by Playstation 2, Koni Shocks, K&N Filters, OZ Racing Wheels, Snap-Off Steering Wheels and Carnisseur accesories. I thought about adding www.owencooper.com to the rear spoiler but that was always going to be illegible when you only have just over an inch to paint it on!